Instructions for applicants

Before you start form submission :

  1. You must have passed Msc Entrance Examination 2075 to fill up priority application form in Pashchimanchal Campus.
  2. Prepare digital copy(scan) of
    • photo in .jpeg format (Maximum allowed file size is 1MB.)
    • citizenship (for Nepali applicants) or citizenship/passport(for foreign applicants).Maximum allowed file size of digital copy is 1MB.
  3. Citizenship (for Nepali applicants) and citizenship/passport(for foreign applicants) is mandatory to submit your application. Otherwise application will get rejected.
  4. Read these documents carefully
  5. Decide which of the available quotas you want to submit your application on. Remember you must submit separate applications for each quota (except female quota).
  6. Prepare required documents as described in Detail Admission Notice; if you are applying for quota seats. Your application will be on hold until required documents are furnished as described in the notice.
  7. You must deposit necessary fee to submit your priority application therefore use Amount Calculator page to find out total application fee required.
  8. Deposit the required amount to account of Pashchimanchal Campus. See sample voucher for more information.